Dog walking: We meet your dog's needs whether it is mid-day, weekends, holidays, vacations or hospital stays.

30 minute dog walk: $20 up to 2 dogs

60 minute dog walk:
$35 up to 2 dogs

Petsitting: We provide visits daily to care for your pets, which includes feeding them, giving them fresh water, cleaning litter boxes or cages, and of course, playing with them and lots of love. 

30 minute visit: $20 up to 2 pets

60 minute visit: $35 up to 2 pets

​Pet Transportation:
We provide drop off and pick-up at the groomer and take and stay with pet and bring the pet home from the vet. 1 hour: $25

Overnights: We care for your pets between 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m., and give them dinner and breakfast and as many walks in that time as they need.

Overnights: $75 per night

Medication: If, your pet needs medication, we will administer it.